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  • Our Mission
    Our mission is to assist families in creating a Financial and Estate plan which will provide all family members with a decent quality of life for their entire lifetime and beyond while at the same time minimizing taxes, and ensuring that the financial plan will not negatively impact any entitlement to government support programs, or at the very least minimize the impact as much as legally allowed.
  • Geoffrey Zaldin


    Geoffrey is the Co-Founder and CEO of Special Needs Financial and the Chief Operating Officer of Goldstein Financial. He has been providing financial and investment advice since 2005. Along with Sonny and Michelle he services over 1000 mutual fund clients. In addition, Sonny and he consult on the Group H&W and Retirement plans for several Unions with over 10,000 Union Members. Prior to joining the firm, Geoffrey ran his own company exporting automobiles around the world.


  • Michelle Goldstein Zaldin



    Michelle is the Co-Founder of Special Needs Financial and the Executive Vice-President and partner of Goldstein Financial Consultants, Goldstein Financial Investments Inc. and Sonny Goldstein Annuity and Insurance Agencies Inc.. She has been providing financial advice since 1992.

  • We believe that effective financial planning is critical to long-term success. But without proper estate planning the financial plan could be seriously negatively affected. That is why we work with you to create a comprehensive financial and estate plan and help you implement it. We view this as an ongoing process and understand that we need to monitor the financial and estate plan and make any changes necessary along the way.

    We also believe that financial and estate advice go hand in hand with the investment planning and therefore we do not charge any fees for the financial and estate advice work. We encourage all our clients to begin their relationship with our firm by having us complete a comprehensive financial and estate plan. We believe that only with a comprehensive plan can you then make the right choices as to how to invest your money.