• Financial Planning for Special Needs Children & Individuals – RDSP Advisor

    Special Needs Financial provides financial & estate advice for individuals with disabilities or special needs. We specialize in RDSP's, financial and estate planning, assisting with understanding and ensuring an appropriate Henson Trust, ODSP information and assistance, and living trusts.

  • Retirement Planning

    We will develop a personalized plan so that you may maintain your lifestyle and achieve your retirement goals.

    Insurance Planning

    We ensure you and your family are protected against financial loss due to death, disability, and medical costs.

    Group Health & Welfare (H&W) and Retirement Plans

    We can offer you H&W and Retirement plans for your employees that you can afford. Contact us and see how much you can save.

  • Financial Planning

    Offering full service RDSP, Retirement investing and advice, estate planning and general investment advice

    What separates us from other advisors is a commitment to comprehensive financial planning. We believe that investing is not only about financial products, but relationships. We do not charge additional fees for creating a comprehensive financial plan, and we encourage all clients to begin their relationship with us by having our team complete a comprehensive financial plan. This will include retirement planning, estate planning, planning for any special needs family members, education planning, insurance planning and any other related financial issues. It is only after fully understanding your financial picture that we can properly construct a customized solution that will meet your unique needs.

  • Specializing in assisting special needs individuals


    As parents of a daughter with special needs, one of the biggest worries that we have is to be able to provide our daughter with the ability and freedom to be as independent as possible, and to ensure that she will be able to continue her quality of life after we are no longer here to care for her. We need to ensure that the comprehensive plan we have in place ensures that our two sons without special needs are considered and also that the plan allows us to maintain our lifestyle and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

    Let us help guide you through the process and create a personalized comprehensive financial and estate plan for you and your family.

  • Estate Planning

    Estate planning and review of wills, Henson Trusts, Insurance Trusts, ODSP review

    Families and individuals spend a considerable amount of time building wealth over a lifetime (or several lifetimes). Managing the transfer of that wealth to others and balancing the sometimes competing needs of different individuals can be a complex and confusing process. The tax implications of improper or insufficient planning for estates can be extraordinary. While we are not attorneys, we often work very closely with clients and their representatives to facilitate proper planning and to provide our advice where appropriate. If necessary, we can take advantage of relationships with several well-qualified estate planning professionals that we have worked with over the years to provide these services to our clients (they would work on a fee basis directly with our clients; we would not have any financial stake in the relationship). This is a complex and ever-changing environment and it is important to have any documents reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

  • Promoting and providing RDSP's with full service financial advice


    A Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) can help ensure that a Special Needs Individual will have the necessary finances later in life so that their money will not have to be an issue for them. The government will provide up to $90,000 (a maximum of $70,000 in grants and $20,000 in bond money) for those that are eligible. There are also other significant benefits in Estate Planning for an individual that has an RDSP. Let us show you how with as little as $30,000 contributed into an RDSP it can grow to $1,323,678.57 by the time the owner of the RDSP is 60 and help navigate you through the complicated RDSP rules.

  • Insurance - Group & Personal

    Individual insurance

    We can use our experience with Group Retirement and Health & Welfare Plans to review your current Group Plan and determine whether any additional coverage would be required.  For business owners, we can take your plan to market and reduce your ongoing costs.

    We can also review your personal coverage's and point out any risk or deficiencies that exist.  We are here to ensure that you have adequate coverage for yourself and your loved ones.

  • Able to offer the best products because of our independence

    As an Advisor at an Independent Mutual Fund Dealership (owned by us), we can offer truly Independent advice. We will act in YOUR best interest, not a Bank's or Brokerage firms. We run our practice under the fiduciary standard, meaning that we have a duty of loyalty which prohibits us from putting our own interests first and requires us to avoid any possible conflicts of interest, or if avoiding the conflict is not in your best interest, receive written consent from you acknowledging and accepting any potential conflict.

  • We provide advice information covering the gamut of disabilities

    We are providing a page with information about various government and private institutions that provide both financial and other assistance. We will be adding any additional information that we believe may be beneficial that we come across and ask that if you have any suggestions for a program or institution that you believe should be included, please send us an email as this list will be an ongoing work that will be constantly updated.

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