Links & Resources

Government Resources

Employment and Social Development Canada1 (866) 204-0357 RDSP Annual Limit
Special Services At Home (SSAH)1 (866) 821-7770Government Funding
Funding for families with a child or children with developmental or physical disabilities by Ministry of Children and Youth Services
Passport1 (416) 325-5666Government Funding
Funding for a special needs individual once a child turns 18 is and no longer eligible for SSAH by Ministry of Community and Social Services
Assistive Devices Program1 (800) 268-6021Equipment funding
Government program providing support and funding to Ontario residents who have long-term physical disabilities
Developmental Services OntarioRegional OfficeSupport/Guidance
Connects adults with developmental disabilities to services and supports in their communities
Respite CareRegional officeFunding/Services
Ministry of Children and Youth services programs that provides respite either out of the home or a grant for in home respite

Disability Specific Groups

Holland Bloorview Family Support Fund1 (800) 363-2440Funding/Services
Offers financial support to Holland Bloorview families and may support equipment, recreation and life skills programs, respite, etc.
Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy (OFCP)1 (416) 244-9686Funding/Support
Provides services, resources and funding for people with CP and their families
Autism Canada1 (519) 695-5858Support/Services
Provides treatment and resource information to families living with autism
Epilepsy Canada1 (877) 734-0873Support/Research
Non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of life of people affected by epilepsy through supporting research
Chailifeline Canada1 (647) 430-5933Programs/Services
Provides programs and support (respite) for special needs and ill children and their families
Easter Seals1 (416) 421-8377Funding/Support/Camp
Provides children and youth with physical disabilities programs, camps and financial assistance
Camp Aim1 (647) 965-1246Camp/Programs
Provides children with recreational and social opportunities (including camp)
Dani Toronto1 (905) 889-3264Programs/Services
Parent driven group providing programs and services for young adults with Special Needs that have aged out of other social programs