• Staff

  • Geoffrey is the President of Special Needs Financial and the Chief Operating Officer of Goldstein Financial  He has been a financial advisor since 2005. Along with Sonny and Michelle he services over 800 mutual fund clients. In addition, Sonny and he consult on the Group H&W and Retirement plans for several Unions with over 5000 Union Members. Prior to joining the firm, Geoffrey ran his own company exporting automobiles around the world.


  • Michelle is CEO of Special Needs Financial and the Executive Vice-President and partner of Goldstein Financial Consultants, Goldstein Financial Investments Inc. and Sonny Goldstein Annuity and Insurance Agencies Inc.. She has been a financial advisor since 1991. Currently her main focus is on creating the portfolios by meeting with the portfolio managers and handling the relationships with the Fund Companies.

  • Cathy is the Executive Assistant and office manager for Goldstein Financial Consultants, Goldstein Financial Investments and Special Needs Financial.

  • Christina Romano


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  • Patricia Tadjeddin


    Patricia is our main Processor and does the majority of our Trading through our proprietary trading system.